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21 May 2013

Visa liberalisation has been a crucial element in the EU's relations with Romania, Serbia and Albania. Yet until recently it had not even appeared on the agenda of talks between Brussels and Ankara.

8 May 2013

The key message from all international observers, and in particular from the European Union, must be that all Albanian institutions must rigorously respect the laws they themselves have adapted

26 February 2013

When will Azerbaijani citizens be able to look back at political arrests and authoritarian rule in Baku with the same sense of amazement that Victor Hugo predicted for the future?

21 February 2013

If the countries that have undergone a formal visa liberalisation process are declared safe countries of origin, EU member states can provide for an accelerated examination procedure when dealing with claims from their citizens

8 January 2013

Instead of going back on visa liberalization, we propose that all EU members have short procedures for dealing with applicants from European countries that meet a series of human rights conditions and are therefore "safe countries of origin"


2 October 2012

To show what is at stake we have produced a political fable. It illustrates Azerbaijan's latest attempt to undermine the credibility of the Council of Europe.

6 July 2012

The green light for talks with Montenegro is a badly needed signal that progress is rewarded and that the EU perspective is real

24 May 2012

How an authoritarian regime in Baku sidesteped its commitments to the Council of Europe, silenced its critics and turned international election monitoring into political theatre

7 April 2012

The lack of employment opportunities today in the Western Balkans is generating quiet despair, especially among the young. Without radical change, without a serious and visible commitment to a new set of policies, the sense of despair now palpable in the region may become burning. 

22 March 2012

To get to the Schengen White List ESI recommends the following seven steps to be taken, starting this month

13 March 2012

The EU's current visa policy towards Turkey is unsustainable, and the time to revise it is now.

25 January 2012

Compared to where it stood in 1999, Croatia is undoubtedly a story of a successful transformation. It is also evidence that the strict EU negotiating framework can bring results.


1 September 2011

The less outsiders know about a foreign society the more easily they fall for illusions of an "hour zero" and view post-conflict societies as a tabula rasa only waiting for smart social engineers to work their magic

8 June 2011

Our aim is to raise the profile of this young state on the Caspian Sea; and to support the vision that Azerbaijan will also one day (soon) also join the club of genuine European democracies

12 January 2011

For anybody interested in understanding contemporary Turkish politics and the court cases which look into the dark world of ultranationalist associations the Malatya murder trial is a good place to start


22 December 2010

One of the nice things about knowledge is that it increases for everybody once it is shared.

16 December 2010

Is Europe a continent in decline? What kind of foreign policy can such a continent pursue?  

22 November 2010

Europe's border revolution – the attempt to implement on a continental scale a post-national approach to border management which provides both more liberty and more security – is going strong.

11 November 2010

Today's relationship between Turkey and the EU is like a Catholic marriage: divorce is not an option for either side. The only question is whether the couple will be a happy one.

21 October 2010

It should be obvious that in a country with an estimated 2,738,551 German Turks (Turkish citizens resident in Germany, German citizens who were once Turkish citizens and those with at least one Turkish citizen as a parent) Islam "also belongs to Germany".