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18 September 2015

Europe is witnessing the biggest movement of people across South East Europe since the Balkan wars of the 1990s: the mass migration of mainly Syrian refugees from Turkey to Greece and then on to Germany.

5 July 2015

Today Greeks vote in a referendum whose outcome could have dramatic consequences for their country. Polls show that the result is on a knife-edge. Every vote counts.

2 June 2015

The Council of Europe is facing a crisis of credibility today, so deep that it appears to paralyse those in charge of the institution.

30 April 2015

Without migration Kosovo has no medium term economic future.

23 April 2015

There is no reason to expect sports organisations to condemn a regime for human rights abuses that is praised by the leading clubs of European democracies: the Council of Europe and the European Union.

19 March 2015

What is needed in discussions of corruption in the Balkans and Turkey is depth, not shallowness, and statements based on serious analysis, not preconceptions. The European Commission has the tool to ensure this. It only has to use it.

10 March 2015

The vision of a Europe in 2017 with more visa free travel, fewer Balkan asylum claims, better police cooperation and better respect for human rights is realistic. 

23 February 2015

We look at similarities between Yannis Boutaris (born in 1942), mayor of Thessaloniki, and Alexis Tsipras (born in 1974), Greece's new prime minister. Both are charismatic, unconventional, proudly secular and ready to defy taboos.


24 December 2014

The biggest challenge for leaders in Bosnia in 2015 will be to carry out reforms in the face of strong illusions about the causes of the Bosnian development crisis.

14 November 2014

Azerbaijan's dissidents are receiving global recognition but remain in jail. And so far the Council of Europe has barely reacted to their imprisonment.

4 November 2014

Rankings are dangerous when the results are misleading and when gaming the ranking becomes more important than focusing on what really matters for genuine reforms

16 October 2014

Unprecedented waves of political arrests in Azerbaijan and Russia are the result of a deliberate policy to crash all independent voices

2 October 2014

Drawing on decades of experience human rights defenders are sounding an alarm bell. Will it be a wake-up call for European institutions?

23 September 2014

We believe Leyla Yunus would be an excellent winner of the 2014 prize, on behalf of the community of beleaguered human rights defenders in Azerbaijan

4 September 2014

Azerbaijan has made a mockery of the Council of Europe and its role in defending the European Convention on Human Rights

24 July 2014

Any person caught up in a political trial in Turkey enters the world of Kafka's famous novel. This is what happened to Mehmet Orgen, a captain in the Turkish navy.

18 July 2014

In the past five years opposition to enlargement has deepened in every single EU member state. Can it still be a win-win policy?

6 June 2014

A wave of arrests has exposed the weakness and capture of international institutions such as the Council of Europe. It is also challenging the international human rights movement.

27 May 2014

With its focus on manufacturing and exports, Timisoara weathered the economic crisis much better than less industrial areas of South East Europe. Instead of collapsing, its industrial sector restructured.

19 May 2014

We do want to encourage leaders in democratic Europe to defend the core values which the current regime in Baku rejects