Our proposals

ESI is an independent non-profit think-tank with an agenda: to fight for a better, fairer and stronger Europe based on the rule of law and respect for human rights, and for a chance for its neighbours to join it. Our tools are arguments, our role is to develop, through serious research and analysis, concrete and well-explained policy proposals that can be implemented. We believe in factfulness, rational arguments and the value of intense debate. At this moment we are advocating for the following policy proposals:

How the rule of law dies in Poland

Support the ECJ to protect the rule of law in Poland

Open EU Single Market to the Balkans

For a merit-based EU accession process that offers a credible goal

70 years Refugee Convention - what now?

Establish humane control through cooperation

Humane Borders

Saving the Refugee Convention

Caviar Diplomacy

Why every European should care

The Council of Europe and Navalny

Countries blatantly violating its rules should be suspended

Anti-Corruption Report for the West Balkans

Measure corruption in order to fight it

New deal with Africa

Regular access and fast return

Silly rankings don't help

The World Bank should change the methodology of its Doing Business ranking

No border changes

Why Kosovo and Serbia must not discuss territory

EU-Turkey Statement 2.0

How the EU and Turkey must cooperate in their mutual interest

Why Orban had to leave the EPP

Europe's centre-right is better off without Fidesz

Abandon clichés about Bosnia

Push EU-related reforms instead of arbitrary conditions

Start EU accession talks with North Macedonia

Keep your word. Strengthen reformers

Red Lines for Turkey

Define clear standards. Assess them strictly

How to teach war in the Balkans?

For a comprehensive analysis of 20th century history textbooks