21 June 2021

Adnan Cerimagic took part in a workshop on the 30 Year Break-Up of Yugoslavia, where he presented ESI‘s research and analysis on the Western Balkans. 

18 June 2021

Adnan Cerimagic presented ESI's work on EU Enlargement in the Western Balkans in a roundtable discussion. 


20 May 2021

Adnan Cerimagic spoke with students from the Ljubljana University on ESI's research and analysis on the relations between the EU and the Western Balkans. 

10 May 2021

Kristof Bender participated at an online debate about concrete perspectives for the Western Balkans. He presented ESI’s proposal to make membership in the EU’s Single Market a credible and reachable interim goal in the accession process.


27 April 2021

ESI senior analyst Adnan Cerimagic participated in a panel discussion titled “Bosnia and Herzegovina in the process of EU integration.”

25 April 2021

Gerald Knaus participated in an online debate on the rule of law, where he addressed the fragility of the EU's institutions and the need for cooperation between member states. 

21 April 2021

Gerald Knaus gave a presentation for CARE Austria on irregular migration, asylum, pushbacks and borders. He also addressed the EU-Turkey Statement and private sponsorships of refugee resettlement as in Canada. 

13 April 2021

Gerald Knaus was invited to give an online lecture at the Oxford University Austrian Society on "Can ideas change the world?", where he addressed the current challenges in migration policy,

13 April 2021

ESI senior analyst Adnan Cerimagic participated in a panel discussion on Bosnia-EU relations.


31 March 2021

Gerald Knaus presented ESI's ideas on the current debate regarding irregular migration, borders, pushbacks and the need for humane solutions. 

23 March 2021

Gerald Knaus discussed the need for a renewal of the EU-Turkey Statement, as well as, the current situation with push-backs and Frontex. 

22 March 2021

Gerald Knaus gave an online presentation for the Robert Bosch Group on Factfulness, refugees, and borders. 

19 March 2021

Adnan Cerimagic participated in an advocacy training on International Institutions and Human Rights. 

19 March 2021

Adnan Cerimagic moderated an online workshop on Supporting Reconciliation Processes in the Western Balkans. 

18 March 2021

Gerald Knaus participated in a panel discussion on the EU-Turkey Statement, assessing the Statement and addressed the current debate on migration. 

16 March 2021

Gerald Knaus participated in a panel discussion on the EU-Turkey Statement organised by SETA (Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research). 

12 March 2021

Gerald Knaus was invited to explain in a short video clip what makes EU “return sponsorships” the German “un-word” of the year. Gerald explained that the EU Commission invented this term to conceal the crisis of solidarity at the EU’s external borders and showed that it will never work in practice.

10 March 2021

Gerald Knaus spoke with Dutch MEP Kati Piri  about the dire situation of refugees on the Greek Islands, the New Pact on Migration and Asylum and the responsibility that EU member states have, and the renewal of the EU-Turkey Statement. 

5 March 2021

Gerald Knaus discussed the original EU-Turkey Statement and the need of a renewed Statement, with a special focus on refugees on the Greek Islands. 

1 March 2021

The 2016 Statement has been successful in reducing the number of irregular crossings by sea from Turkey to Greece but it was never implemented as envisaged and de facto ceased to exist last year. The pushbacks happening now are inhumane, morally despicable, and blatantly violate EU and international law.