Ukraine's application for EU membership. Photo: Office of the President of Ukraine

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ESI proposals in video and audio

War and Peace in Europe since the 1990s
17 May 2023

Migration cooperation in the English Channel
16 March 2023

Europe in crisis – How resilient is our democracy?
3 November 2022

Ukrainian EU accession – A project for this generation
6 September 2022

EU candidate status for Bosnia
17 June 2022

Can Ukraine join the European Union?
30 May 2022

Bröckelt die Einigkeit in Europa?
24 May 2022

Is it Central Europe's moment in Europe right now?
20 May 2022

Migration, Flüchtlinge, tödliche Grenzen
16 May 2022

War, Peace, and Prosperity in Europe
12 May 2022

What is a two-stage EU accession process for the Western Balkans?
9 May 2022

Can intervention work? Stability and risks in the Western Balkans
11 April 2022

Der Politikberater Gerald Knaus zu Gast bei Michael Krons
26 March 2022

How (Not) to Save Refugees
5 February 2022

Eulogy by Madeleine Albright
28 October 2021

Moria – und weiter? Mit Jean Asselborn und Gerald Knaus
31 May 2021

Flucht und Grenzen – Andreas Kossert und Gerald Knaus im Gespräch
9 February 2021