12 May 2024

Gerald Knaus travelled to Rwanda to explore the possibility of an agreement on migration and resettlement with Europe, highlighting mutual benefits for refugees, Europe and Rwanda.

8 May 2024

Adnan Cerimagic took part in the Osteuropa-Salon (Eastern Europe Salon) organised by the German Eastern Business Association. 

6 May 2024

Gerald Knaus debated the future of EU migration reform in Copenhagen, focusing on how to create humane, effective policy.

6 May 2024

Adnan Cerimagic spoke at SIPRI's Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development, discussing EU enlargement and the Western Balkans.

1 May 2024

Gerald Knaus briefed senior US officials and major think tanks on migration, resettlement, authoritarianism, corruption and the importance of transatlantic cooperation.


27 April 2024

Gerald Knaus discussed migration's impact on democracy at vhs Heidelberg's Day of Europe.

27 April 2024

Adnan Cerimagic discusses EU reforms and ESI's research at a youth and women's political literacy workshop in Sarajevo.

26 April 2024

Gerald Knaus explained how the failure to solve migration in a humane, sustainable fashion poses a threat to liberal democracy in Europe.

25 April 2024

Gerald Knaus gave a keynote speech to the SPD parliamentary faction on the Council of Europe at 75 years, urging the Council to place its focus on human rights and the rule-of-law.

25 April 2024

Gerald Knaus met with Kosovar PM Albin Kurti to support Kosovo's bid for Council of Europe membership.

22 April 2024

Gerald Knaus addressed migration myths and their origins, suggesting real solutions exist for us to resettle and protect migrants in a sustainable, ethical and legal way.

18 April 2024

Gerald Knaus explored pragmatic migration strategies and the central role of international partnerships at "Fritz im Dialog" discussion.

11 April 2024

Gerald Knaus was invited to give the keynote speech at the congress “Immigration City”, where he called for a paradigm shift to see migration as an opportunity rather than a threat.

9 April 2024

Adnan Cerimagic facilitated a workshop on EU enlargement, uniting experts and diplomats for strategic talks.

3 April 2024

Adnan Cerimagic spoke at a round table on European security, foreign policy, and the Western Balkans, presenting ESI's research to German youth activists.


27 March 2024

Kristof Bender participated in the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation's 50th board meeting.

21 March 2024

Gerald Knaus proposed that humane, legal migration management is good for both migrants and Europe's own future.

19 March 2024

Adnan Cerimagic spoke at the "Balkan Breakfast" in Berlin, discussing the EU accession and political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

12 March 2024

Adnan Cerimagic presented ESI research at an event with Kosovo's civil society, including the Serb community, organised by the European Council on Foreign Relations.

6 March 2024

Gerald Knaus critiqued Europe's asylum system, urging humane, rule-of-law based migration management over xenophobia, violence and pushbacks.