Return to Europe Revisited (2014-2016)

Return to Europe

A project supported by ERSTE Stiftung

ERTSE Stiftung

Since 2005, ERSTE Foundation has supported the research of the European Stability Initiative on South Eastern Europe. This includes the twelve-part documentary series "Return to Europe." It is a combination of ESI's independent research and ERSTE's vision to help discover and understand each country in the region.

The documentary series was produced in 2008, before the global financial crisis. Accordingly, ERSTE Foundation saw the opportunity to revisit the protagonists from the films and examine their development six years later. This presents a unique chance to witness the effects of political decision-making in the region for an audience that knows the films, as well as for the interested reader in general.

All documentaries can be watched online at (in English) and at (in German) or can be purchased (English and German versions available) as a DVD box at