ESI debates - Turkish Islam - Bosnia - Armenia and Cyprus

04 February 2006

Dear friends of ESI,


Please find the first ESI newsletter in 2006, reflecting the expanding range of ESI's activities.


1. Debate in Turkey on Islamic Calvinists

Public debate often follows ESI publications, ever since our first report in 1999 on Bosnian Power Structures. This was the case with Ahmeti's Village (on interethnic relations in Macedonia), Travails of the European Raj (on the Bosnian protectorate), People or Territory (on the divided town of Mitrovica), The Lausanne Principle (on Kosovo Serbs) and recently Breaking out of the Balkan Ghetto (on EU policy).

No ESI report, however, triggered a more vigorous national debate than our recent study of social change in Central Anatolia, Islamic Calvinists.

In recent weeks Turkish commentators in all large national papers used this report to take a new look at the relationship between the Turkish state, Islam in Turkey and economic development. The report was the main topic on five national TV shows. More TV debates are scheduled next week, as the debate continues in all Turkish media.

One commentator in the most popular daily paper, H

Gerald Knaus