New ESI report: Islamic Calvinists. Change and Conservatism in Central Anatolia

19 September 2005

Dear friends of ESI,

In a few weeks (3 October) official membership negotiations are set to begin between Turkey and the European Union.

As this date approaches opinion polls across the European Union show that convincing solid majorities of the population in all EU member states of the advantages of this step remains a challenge. A recent survey commissioned by the German Marshall Fund found that the largest number of EU citizens who were polled remain undecided. It also found that among those who had an opinion a majority were sceptical of Turkey's EU membership.

One of the most common arguments among those who are sceptical about Turkish membership is that Turkey really has two souls, only one of which is European. They contrast the cosmopolitan outlook and prosperity of Istanbul ('European Turkey') with the Anatolian interior, which is seen as backward, impoverished and non-European: the 'other Turkey'.

This new ESI report - Islamic Calvinists - Change and Conservatism in Central Anatolia

Gerald Knaus