Public discussion in Pristina: "What future for Pristina? Governance and planning in the capital"

8 June 2006

On the occasion of their joint discussion paper "Utopian visions - Governance failures in Kosovo's capital", the Kosovar think tank Iniciativa Kosovare per Stabilitët (IKS) and ESI organized a public discussion in the Kosovo Museum in the heart of Pristina's old town.

IKS and ESI identified severe governance failures in Pristina and presented a critique of an urban plan known as 'Strategy 2020'. According to IKS and ESI, the current approach is characterised by "utopian planning" and fails to address problems ranging from rampant illegal construction, deteriorating infrastructure and unreliable municipal services. Current planning is also based on 'utopian' numbers, such as highly exaggerated population figures for the town.

IKS director Besa Shahini and ESI senior analyst Verena Knaus were joined by Ismet Beqiri, Mayor of Pristina Municipality and Ardian Gjini, Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning as discussants. The discussion was attended by more than 90 participants and has provoked numerous reactions in local and international media.

Panel and room

Ismet Beqiri

Ardian Gjini