ESI in Washington - GMF Think Tank Symposium on U.S.-EU relations

17 June 2007

The symposium organised by GMF assembled panel discussions on the future of the European constitution, U.S. and European behaviour towards the Muslim world, the future of the Balkans, and transatlantic strategies for Iran.

Panel discussions were lead by Jan Techau, German Council on Foreign Relations, Tod Lindberg, Policy Review; Haizam Amirah-Fernández, Real Instituto Elcano; Daniel Benjamin, The Brookings Institution; Gerald Knaus, European Stability Initivative; James O'Brien, The Albright Group; Phil Gordon, The Brookings Institution; and Michael Lüders, expert on Middle Eastern affairs.

Gerald Knaus spoke on a panel on "Kosovo's uncertain future and the next transatlantic steps in the Balkans". Whatever the political outcome for Kosovo will be, a lasting solution will have to be achieved economically. Drawing on ESI's report "Cutting the Lifeline. Migration, families and the future of Kosovo", Gerald showed that Kosovo is likely to remain an economically depressed area for the time being.

To address this problem European countries should work with Kosovar authorities to set in place work migration schemes to parts of the European Union in need of labour and offer a concrete time-frame for eventual accession to the EU.


Gerald Knaus