Stuttgart – ESI at “Support for Humanity” debate on migration from The Gambia to Europe

21 February 2021
Video: Support for Humanity

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to participate in an online debate with Yahya Sonko on his Facebook Page “Support for Humanity”. Yahya Sonko is a well-known Gambian activist in Germany, advising Gambians and other African migrants and advocating with policy makers.

Gerald talked about his previous visits to The Gambia, as well as ESI's “Gambia Plan”, a proposal that seeks to stop irregular migration from The Gambia to Europe by creating legal pathways for regular migration and fostering cooperation between both countries to support the Gambian diaspora living in Germany. Gerald and Yahya also talked about the Gambian parliamentary delegation visit to Germany in February 2020 organised by ESI and what is currently needed for the Gambia Plan to move forward.