Berlin – ESI “solo talk” on the Swedish EU Presidency and support for Ukraine

28 November 2022
Video: LT EPP Delegation in the European Parliament

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to give a presentation on “The Swedish EU presidency as a historic opportunity for Ukraine and how to get German support” organised by United 4 Ukraine.

In his presentation, Gerald spoke about what the Swedish EU presidency can achieve, especially for Ukraine and its EU accession process. He argued that the EU must continue to provide financial support, weapons, aid, and accommodation to the Ukrainian refugees that will come during the winter months. On this, he also argued how unequally Ukrainian refugees are distributed across Europe and how member states such as France, Italy and Spain should mobilise and attract more refugees and ease the pressure from neighbouring member states that share borders with Ukraine.

Gerald added that not only Ukraine, but also Moldova and the Western Balkans should be offered a reformed and credible accession process, which should start with access to the Single Market and the Four Freedoms.