Salzburg – ESI presentation on refugees and migration

6 December 2022
Video: Salzburger Nachrichten. Salzburg Photo: flickr / ER Bauer

ESI's Gerald Knaus was invited to give a presentation "Wir und die Flüchtlinge" (Us and the Refugees) at Salzburger Nachrichten. The event was moderated by Gerhard Schwischei.

In his presentation, Gerald argued that refugees are increasingly being instrumentalised as a means of political pressure. For example, in the Russian invasion of Ukraine or in the Syrian war, which has led to larger refugee movements in Europe. These are increasingly met with violent pushbacks at the EU's external borders which are illegal under international and national law but tacitly accepted by all EU member states.

Gerald said that restoring lawful and humane borders and discouraging irregular migration requires migration cooperation with countries of origin and safe third countries. Such agreements need to be combined with more legal opportunities to enter the EU, only then will partner countries be ready to take back rejected asylum seekers after a cut-off date.