Brussels – ESI presentation for MeetEU on migration, refugees, and democracy

5 December 2023
Gerald at discussion
Photo: MeetEU

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to give an online presentation on “Migration paradigm shift 2024 – Fear, refugees and liberal democracy” organised by MeetEU.

MeetEU is an all-European, non-profit, internet-based discussion platform which aims to connect European citizens across national and generational borders with each other and with their European representatives.

In his presentation, Gerald spoke about how irregular migration remains a challenge for both the EU and its member states, giving rise to right-wing populist parties with an illiberal vision for the continent. Yet still, the EU is searching for a strategy.

In addition, Gerald argued that a paradigm shift in EU migration policy is need, which addresses the surge in asylum applications and irregular Mediterranean crossings. Furthermore, he said that key measures are needed, such as: supporting Ukraine, enhancing European solidarity with Ukrainian refugees, and disincentivising irregular migration to the EU. To achieve this, Gerald said that a renewed cooperation with Turkey is also needed, as well as strategic deportations after cut-off dates, serious offers of legal mobility, and asylum procedures in safe third countries.