Saarbrücken – ESI presentation on humane borders in Europe

26 September 2021
Video: Stiftung Demokratie Saarland

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to give a presentation on the future of asylum and migration policy organised by the Stiftung Demokratie Saarland. He outlined ESI’s proposal for a new, humane approach on borders and asylum, warning of the dangers of pushbacks at the EU’s borders and calling for more resettlement programmes. He said that

"The Interlaken reform process, backed by the effects of Protocol No. 14 which entered into force at the same time the process was launched, has been crucial for the system and has led to significant advances, which also bode well for the system's capacity to meet new challenges and to consolidate and further develop the progress made. The necessity of a new major revision of the system is therefore not apparent. In the light of subsequent developments, the CDDH sees no reason to depart from its assessment made in 2015 that the current challenges the Convention system is facing can be met within the existing framework".