Frankfurt – ESI at panel discussion on the crisis and future of Europe

3 November 2022
Video: ZEIT fuer X

ESI's Gerald Knaus was invited to participate in the panel discussion "Crisis-ridden Europe - What next for the European project?" at the event Zeit für Demokratie organised by the German weekly Die Zeit.  

Gerald presented ESI's proposals on EU enlargement to revive the EU accession process. The EU should offer membership in the Single Market, including the four freedoms, as a credible and reachable interim goal to Ukraine, Moldova, and any of the six Western Balkan nations interested in it. Furthermore, Gerald spoke about the urgent need to be prepared for another significant arrival of Ukrainian refugees to the EU in the Winter and how EU countries should support private individuals in hosting refugees.

Gerald debated with Sabine Fischer (Senior Fellow, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, German Institute for International and Security Affairs) and Ileana Grabitz (Head of Department, Politics, Economy and Society, Zeit online). The panel was moderated by Bibiana Barth.

Zeit für Demokratie
Gerald at the Zeit für Demokratie panel discussion. Photo: Andreas Henn für Studio ZX