The Hague – ESI at panel debate on the integrated approach in arrival centres for asylum seekers

4 December 2019
Photo: ESI
Photo: ESI

ESI's Gerald Knaus was invited to participate in the 25th anniversary conference of Dutch Asylum Reception Service COA.

He warned that unless urgent action is taken, and a coalition of member states coordinates with Greece on processing applications and returning people to Turkey (and restarting relocation) - while continuing support to Syrians there - all debates on future EU asylum reforms are rather pointless. It is more important to advocate concrete solutions. If the EU fails on asylum in Greece, it fails in the whole Mediterranean.

While in The Hague, Gerald also had several meetings with Dutch, German and Greek diplomats and asylum officials. With his Dutch interlocutors, he also discussed ESI's recent proposal for a new approach to EU enlargement in the Western Balkans.