Zurich – ESI in NZZ video interview: The future of migration - Europe's fear and helplessness

18 December 2019

ESI's Gerald Knaus was invited to a video interview by the Swiss quality daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung for their "Standpunkte" (points of view) format with chief editor Eric Gujer and the political philosopher Katja Gentinetta. The discussion revolved around the future of migration in Europe and touched upon the widespread public perception of a loss of control that has framed the debate in the last few years.

Gerald highlighted Germany's "welcome culture" towards refugees in comparison to the massive resistance that came from various EU member states. He explained that the refugee crisis still has no concrete solution and how people are still crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe.

Finally, he outlined his take on the future of European migration policy and what needs to be done not only to improve it but also how to design a much more humane approach to those who reach Europe irregularly.

The interview was aired on 12 January 2020.