Vienna – ESI at NOW conference "Children under the radar"

30 January 2017
Contribution by Gerald Knaus. Video: NOW 2017

ESI's Gerald Knaus was invited to participate in the 3rd NOW Conference which focused on the situation of children refugees and the problems they face in their countries of origin, in their countries of refuge, on their way to Europe as well as in the receiving countries. Experts, Mayors, Members of the European Parliament, civil servants, NGOs and affected immigrants and local residents discussed the topic, exchanged their views and experiences and worked on finding approaches, defining requirements and provisions that can effectuate improvement.

Gerald's panel was called "Voices of Europe" and was moderated by Hannes Swoboda, MEP (ret.). Other speakers included Ulrike Lunacek Vice President of the European Parliament, Rainer Münz Adviser on Migration & Demography to the EPSC, European Commission, Michael O'Flaherty Director, EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, Kati Piri Member and Rapporteur for Turkey, European Parliament, and Josef Weidenholzer Member and Vice-President of the S&D, European Parliament.