Vienna – ESI at IWM: Presentation and debate on refugees and migration

2 February 2023
Video: IWM

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to give a presentation on refugees and migration organised by the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM).

In his presentation, Gerald explained how to argue against a policy of fear, using facts and numbers to debunk the myths around migration, refugees and deportations. Understanding numbers is important. Only based on that is it possible to pursue migration diplomacy with the goal of establishing legal pathways and incentives to reduce irregular migration.

Gerald outlined that this can only be done by forming a coalition of member states within the EU. He added that the only way out of the current downward spiral is to combine control of irregular migration with the orderly admission of those in need of protection. He pointed out that contrary to political rhetoric, Austria has granted proportionally more asylum than any other EU state in recent years. It can therefore make a convincing case for following its example. 

Bruno Kreisky Forum
Photo: ESI

During his visit in Vienna, Gerald also met with Gerhard Karner, Austrian Federal Minister of the Interior, to exchange ideas on how Austria can cooperate within the EU and with third countries to control irregular migration while offering protection to refugees.

Gerald Knaus and Gerhard Karner
Gerald and Lukas Gahleitner. Photo: ESI