Berlin – ESI at Europe 2023: Democracy at risk? How to fight authoritarian tendencies

8 February 2023
Video: Tagesspiegel

Democracy cannot be taken for granted. In many parts of the world, authoritarian regimes are restricting citizens' freedom and rights, suppressing civil society and undermining the rule of law. How can we defend ourselves against these dangers?

ESI' Gerald Knaus and Marina Weisband, politician, journalist, and psychologist, discussed this at an event organised by Die Zeit and Tagesspiegel.

Gerald argued for taking the authoritarian tendencies in Europe seriously and not to resign. He named three concrete options for action: First, to strengthen support for democratic forces in countries like Hungary, Poland, or Turkey. Second, to defend the EU as a community of values and to sanction violations of fundamental rights. Third, to strengthen and reform its own democracy, for example through more citizen participation and transparency.

The event was moderated by Lenz Jacobsen (Die Zeit) and Anja Wehler-Schöck (Tagesspiegel).

Photo: Tagesspiegel
Photo: Tagesspiegel