Vienna – ESI discussing the Balkans

8 December 2010
Kristof Bender (middle). Photo: Kreisky Forum
Kristof Bender (middle). Photo: Kreisky Forum

ESI's Kristof Bender attended a colloquium on "Avoiding the 'Turkey Game' in the Western Balkans" on 8 and 9 December. Organised in Vienna by the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue and the Centre for Liberal Strategies from Sofia, the colloquium brought together a select group of about 20 Balkan specialists, including Ivan Krastev, Wolfgang Petritsch, James O'Brien, Saso Ordanoski and Vetton Surroi. Kristof provided introductory remarks for a panel on "challenges of the different timelines for different candidate countries".

Anna Ganeva and Ivan Krastev
Anna Ganeva and Ivan Krastev. Photo: Kreisky Forum