Athens – ESI briefing on migration at the Swiss embassy

5 October 2023
Gerald at Swiss Embassy
Gerald Knaus with Swiss ambassador Stefan Erstermann. Photo: ESI

ESI’s Gerald Knaus was invited to give a briefing on migration policy to a group of EU diplomats at the Swiss Embassy in Athens.

Gerald stressed the importance of humane border management that respects human rights and protects asylum seekers. This approach aligns with the EU’s humanitarian principles and aids in effective migration control.

He also discussed the role of safe third countries, advocating for partnerships with non-EU countries to shelter asylum seekers and process their claims. This strategy requires these countries to meet EU standards for protection and rights, sharing responsibility while safeguarding vulnerable migrants.

Regarding the EU-Turkey Statement, Gerald argued for a renewal with a focus on better cooperation with Turkey in managing migration and ensuring refugee protection.

Additionally, Gerald expressed concern about rising tensions between Kosovo and Serbia, highlighting the need for urgent diplomatic action to prevent armed conflict.