Capacity building seminar in Berlin with Macedonian think tank REAKTOR

12 July 2006

Over the past six years, ESI has been developing a distinctive form of socio-economic research in the Balkans, which is widely recognised and respected by policy makers in the region and the international community. ESI has done detailed portraits of Kosovar municipalities. This case-study approach has been used to explore some of the most important dynamics in post-war Kosovo.

In 2004, ESI has launched an innovative capacity building project for young analysts. ESI analysts are actively supporting and coaching a number of newly formed analysts' groups by undertaking joint field-research, providing input to internal discussions as well as editorial support and advice on policy advocacy.

Natasa, Neda and GeraldIn July, ESI held a capacity building seminar in Berlin with REAKTOR from Skopje (Macedonia) to discuss their research on the village Pestani at Lake Ohrid. The tradition rich Pestani is representative of the workings and problems of the municipality of Ohrid. It has shown its importance and interconnections with Ohrid and municipality-wide problems including economic, social and environmental issues. It has problems of a city while still being a village and its story intertwines with those most important for the understanding of the whole area.

Telling the story of this village in a detailed case-study will help not only to understand its problems much better but also to identify instruments to overcome them.

Neda, Natasa, Gerald, Andrej and Eggert