Sarajevo – ESI at conference on the Balkans and the EU

28 November 2019
Adnan Cerimagic (left). Photo: ESI
Adnan Cerimagic (left). Photo: ESI

ESI analyst Adnan Cerimagic participated in a conference titled "Italy and Bosnia Herzegovina: The Balkans and the EU from One Century to the Other – 155 years since the opening of the first Consulate General of Italy in Sarajevo". The conference was organised by the Osservatorio balcani e caucaso transeurpa and the Italian Embassy in Sarajevo. It took place from 27 to 29 November 2019 in Sarajevo.

Adnan spoke at the panel "Possible models for the EU and the Balkans" where he presented ESI's research on the EU and the Western Balkans, our ideas regarding measuring and incentivizing reforms in the Western Balkans in light of non-opening of accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia and our most recent proposal for the EU to offer six Western Balkan states a path towards joining the EU single market (ESI's Norway in the Balkans proposal).

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